Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
The website of LS ethics hotline, "" (hereinafter referred to as “Ethics hotline") attaches great importance to protection of personal information of customers, and uses its best efforts to allow customers to safely use the services provided by the Ethics hotline at all times. Ethics hotline notifies customers of: for what uses and in what ways we use the personal information provided by customers through the personal information processing policy pursuant to Article 30 of the Personal Information Protection Act; and the actions we take to protect the personal information.
  1. Article 1. Items of Personal Information to be Collected and Purpose of Collection of Personal Information
    Ethics hotline collects minimum personal information necessary to provide services.
    1. (1) Items of personal information to be collected: name, e-mail address, telephone (mobile phone) number
    2. (2) Purpose of collecting and using personal information: additionally verifying reports and investigating facts if necessary,
      verifying and giving information on receipts, giving replies to the results of processing, etc.
    3. (3) If an informant does not desire to provide his or her personal information, he or she may give reports “anonymously,” but there may be restrictions on the provision of services, such as investigating facts.
  2. Article 2. Processing and Retention Period of Personal Information
    The personal information collected through Ethics hotline will be safely retained for one (1) year to provide after services for customers’ inquiries, verify subsequent actions, etc. after a relevant care reported is completed concluded, and will be destroyed without delay after the retention period. However, an exception will be made to the case where there is an obligation to retain the personal information because it is additionally required to verify facts and handle cases or pursuant to the provisions of relevant laws.
  3. Article 3. Provision and Entrustment of Personal Information to Third Parties
    Ethics hotline uses personal information to the extent notified in the Items of Personal Information to be Collected and Purpose of Collection of Personal Information, and it may provide personal information to its following related companies where a relevant information subject gives a prior consent thereto:
    1. (1) Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
      1. ① Recipient: LS Holdings, LS Cable and System, LS ELECTRIC, LS MnM, LS Mtron, Gaon Cable, E1, LS Networks, YESCO, LS Metal, LS Automotive Technologies, LS EV Korea
      2. ② Personal information to be Received: name, e-mail address, telephone (mobile phone) number
      3. ③ Retention and use period: the same as described in the Article 2 (Processing and Retention Period of Personal Information)
    2. (2) Entrustment of Personal Information to Third Parties
      When Ethics hotline enters into an agreement for entrustment, it specifies in writing, such as in a written agreement, relevant matters regarding the prohibition of processing of personal information, technical and managerial protective actions, restrictions on re-entrustment, control and supervision of entrusted parties, liabilities for damages, etc., and supervises whether entrusted parties safely process personal information.
      The party to be entrusted (Entrusted Party) : LS Global
      The content of works to be entrusted : Ethics hotline’s system operations and repair and maintenance
  4. Article 4. Rights and Obligations of Information Subjects and Legal Representatives and the Exercise Methods)
    1. (1) Information subjects may at any time exercise each of the following rights regarding protection of personal information in relation to Ethics hotline :
      1. ① To request the reading of personal information;
      2. ② To request correction of personal information when there is a mistake, etc.;
      3. ③ To request deletion of personal information; or
      4. ④ To request the discontinuance of processing of personal information.
    2. (2) Information subjects may exercise the rights under Section 1 in writing, by e-mail, fax, etc. in relation to the company, and Ethics hotline will take relevant measures therefor without delay.
    3. (3) In the event an information subject has requested the Company to correct or delete mistakes, etc. of personal information, Ethics hotline shall not use or provide relevant personal information until the time when it has completely corrected or deleted the mistakes, etc.
    4. (4) Information subjects may exercise the rights under Section 1 through their agent, including their legal representative or delegate, etc. In this case, information subjects should submit a Power of Attorney according to the Attached Form No. 11 of the Enforcement Regulation of the Personal Information Protection Act.
    5. (5) Information subjects shall not infringe upon their or third parties’ personal information or privacies being processed by Ethics hotline by violating relevant laws including the Personal Information Protection Act.
  5. Article 5. Measures to Obtain Security for Personal Information
    In processing customers’ personal information, Ethics hotline takes the following technical and managerial measures for the purpose of obtaining security, in order to ensure that the personal information is not lost, stolen, leaked, altered, or damaged:
    1. (1) Technical measures
      All personal information of informants are stored and managed by being encoded. Ethics hotline uses its best efforts to prevent the personal information of informants from being disclosed or damaged, and applies security devices (S니, etc.) that safely transmit personal information on the networks by using safe encryption algorithm.
    2. (2) Physical measures
      Ethics hotline controls unauthorized access from the outside by using firewall systems, and makes other efforts to have technical devices necessary to obtain security systematically.
    3. (3) Minimization, operations of and education for personal information handlers
      Personal information handlers of Ethics hotline are operated by being limited to work administrators, and are given separate passwords for this purpose. Also regular education is provided to personal information handlers to enhance the awareness of protection of personal information.
  6. Article 6. Destruction Procedures and Methods for Personal Information
    In principle, Ethics hotline destroys personal information without delay when the personal information has become unnecessary because the retention period has elapsed or the purpose of processing has been accomplished, etc.
    1. (1) Destruction Procedures
      The company destroys relevant personal information required to be destroyed under the responsibility of the personal information protection manager.
    2. (2) Destruction methods
      The company destroys personal information files processed by it by using technical methods that cannot be regenerated because personal information files are recorded in electronic file formats.
  7. Article 7. Personal Information Protection Manager
    Ethics hotline has designated the following department responsible for protecting personal information in order to protect personal information and handle complaints regarding personal information as follows:
    - Department: Internal Audit and Business Consulting Team for LS Co., Ltd.
    - Contact: (02)2189-9745 (e-mail :
  8. Article 8. Remedies for Infringements of Rights of Information Subjects
    If an information subject needs remedies for damages, consulting services, etc. for infringement of personal information, the information subject should ask inquiries to the following authorities:
    - Personal Information Infringement Reporting Center ( / 118 without a telephone exchange number)
    - Information Protection Mark Certification Committee ( / 02-550-9531~2)
    - Korea Internet Safety Agency ( / 118 without a telephone exchange number)
    - Cyber Safety Bureau of National Police Agency( / 02-392-0330)
  9. Article 9. Modifications of Personal Information Processing Policy
    This personal information processing policy was made on July 27, 2018. Where this personal information processing policy is to be modified, it shall be notified through the website’s notices (or by way of individual notice).
    - Personal information processing policy: V1.0
    - Date of implementation of personal information processing policy: July 27, 2018