Legal Notice
Legal Notice
With respect to the website of LS Ethics hotline, we hereby informs users of several legal notices required to be known.
  1. 1. Copyright
    All services, materials, and information provided by LS Ethics hotline are provided for non-commercial use only. Therefore, users should not download, change, distribute, or otherwise use in other ways, the services, materials, and information, including texts, pictures, voices, videos, download files, links, source codes, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "Information") for commercial or public purposes.
  2. 2. Legal Disclaimer
    Please be informed that LS Ethics hotline does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability and completeness of the services and information of this homepage and other related sites, and there could be errors in the data or expressions provided by LS Ethics hotline. Therefore, customers should not rely solely on information or materials unless LS Ethics hotline gives a written guarantee thereof. In particular, customers should refrain from directly using the website services of LS Ethics hotline to transactions of sales, trades, purchases, etc. related to interests of individuals or companies. Also under no circumstances will LS Ethics hotline be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special ,or consequential damages arising out of such information or materials.
  3. 3. No Misappropriation of LS Brands
    In principle, LS brands (trade names, trademarks) may be used only by companies that have entered into a brand license agreement with LS Co., Ltd. As of now, in relation to companies misappropriating LS brands, LS Ethics hotline may take actions pursuant to (i) Article 23 of the Commercial Act (No Use of Trademarks that May Cause Misunderstandings of Subjects), (ii) Article 65 of the Trademark Act (Right to Request Prohibition of Infringements of Rights), or (iii) Article 4 of the Unfair Competition Prohibition Act, (Right to Request Prohibition of Unfair Competitive Activities), etc. In the event that a third party uses LS symbols (LS signatures) in any case, it may be subject to actions and, therefore, any misappropriation or misuse of LS brands online or offline is strictly regulated.
  4. 4. Liability for Links
    LS Ethics hotline provides customers with various links based on its own standards. The linked websites are all provided for customers’ information obtaining and convenience, but LS Ethics hotline is not legally liable for the linked websites nor does not guarantee reliability of the websites.
  5. 5. Refusal to Collect E-mail Addresses without Permission
    Please be informed that customers should refuses to collect e-mail addresses displayed on this homepage without permission by using e-mail collection programs or any other technical device, and in violation of the rule, the violator will be criminally punished under the Information Telecommunication Network Act.
  6. 6. Change in the Notice
    All the users using the services provided by LS Ethics hotline after this notice is publicly given shall be deemed to have consented to the content of this notice. LS Ethics hotline has the right and authority to give reasons for change of the detailed items and use conditions specified in this notice on the homepage with adequate time intervals, or to frequently change the notice without giving a prior notification thereof in appropriate ways in conformity with commercial practices of the Internet industry. Therefore, users should frequently check the detailed items and conditions of the legal notice and the general use terms and conditions , and know the newly changed matters or conditions.
    This legal notice shall be implemented from July 27, 2018.
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